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Minimalist Card Wallet 3 pocket


Hand made card wallet handcrafted from blue and green quality leather for front pocket use. The perfect every day carry card wallet for the minimalistic card user with 3 pockets.

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Item Details:

  • Features: 2 card slots and a lined top pocket for a total of 3 pockets.
  • Carry Capacity: Up to 4 cards or 2 cards + folded bills. Fits USD and EURO size.
  • Cosmetic Blemish: Glue stain in card slot created during construction. Not noticeable when cards are in with no impact to quality.
  • Dimensions: 3″ x 4.25″ x 1/8″ (105mm x 75mm x 4mm)
  • Thin and firm hand-feel with a smooth matte texture.

Slim blue minimalist leather card wallet with green middle pocket 100% hand stitched. Handcrafted using a traditional technique known as saddle stitching with hand-waxed polyester thread in. Sits perfectly in front pockets and holds the necessary ID card,  bank card, etc and folded bills. Hand made from vegetable tanned full grain leather from Italy. Will patina and pick up memories with use over time.

Item pictured is the item you will receive. While I do everything I can to truly represent the leather color, it can be difficult due to a number of reasons. For example, the hides themselves have natural marks and slight variations in color, different screen display settings, etc. Price listed excluding VAT.

Extra Information About the Handcrafted Blue Green Minimalist Card Wallet

handmade blue leather wallet

Lightweight card wallet was constructed with folded card pockets to prevent stretch and then edges were creased for an emphasized look. Handstitched with hand-waxed polyester thread. The specific angles and distance of the stitches have been proven to endure high stress points for a quality product.

handmade blue leather wallet with green

Edges have been beveled and hand burnished with a combination of water, tokonole and multiple passes of sandpaper to compact the edges for a mirror-like finish. It has also been buffed with wax to seal the raw edges.

Send in a request to customize the leather, thread, and edge color.

    Weight 0,045 kg
    Dimensions 10,5 × 7,5 × 0,5 cm

    Blue Maya vegetable tanned leather from Italy.


    Green Pueblo vegetable tanned leather from Italy.


    Matching blue handwaxed polyester thread.


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