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About PossalaDesigns

Meet the creator and maker behind Possala Designs, a Taiwanese-Vietnamese American from Atlanta, Georgia now living in Asturias, Spain. Possala began her leathercrafting journey in 2019 in the city center of Madrid, Spain. She needed to repair her downhill longboarding suit and it was difficult to find someone able, so she found some basic tools and did it herself. Several projects later, Possala Designs was founded in order to showcase the processes and finished pieces which are now available to purchase.

Why buy handmade or handcrafted goods?

When you buy a handmade or handcrafted item, you buy a unique piece that is created by someone with a passion for what they do, and who would spend hours getting it just right. Buying a handmade item from a small maker also supports their work, by compensating the skills and the time spent to make it. Your purchase will be re-invested into my small business to purchase more materials and workshop upgrades. When you purchase from me, you purchase a thoughtfully made piece from high quality materials. I have a selection of sustainably conscious leathers that range from soft and supple hand feel to durable and glossy Shell Cordovan.

One of the biggest perks when choosing to go with a small maker is that I am able to create a personalized piece catered to your needs. I do my best to work within your budget, but I will not cut corners and will provide my informed opinion. I will happily provide guidance when needed.

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My workshop, taller in Spanish or atelier in French, is currently a dedicated room in our house in Asturias, Spain. We moved from our Madrid Apartment in October 2022.

Handmade vegetable tanned wallet in the process of being built.

Threads I often reach for and the hot stamping machine for logos and initials.

Vegetable tanned leathers.

What inspired Possala Designs?

Possala Designs was founded as a method of artistic and creative expression, which later pivoted to highlight slow-made and well designed leather goods. I saw a need from clients who were tired of the mass-produced wallets and bags and were in search of tailor-made or bespoke items that were crafted to wear well. The fast fashion industry today is completely unsustainable because their end-goal is high numbers. Unfortunately, this means too many corners were cut and low grade materials used instead to meet their bottom line. This high scale production causes large scale damage to our planet. We all need to do our part and support more sustainable practices. Materials and supplies used for Possala Designs are purchased from like-minded businesses. All of the items made under Possala Designs is 100% designed, crafted and handled by a single individual from the materials raw form to ensure a high quality product.

The biggest influence which formed the foundation of the handiwork necessary in fine leathercrafting was an Auntie who was a seamstress by trade, now retired. After witnessing a 13 year-old Possala carry her first hand-sewed bag made from old denims, she decided to take her on as an apprentice to develop the keen eye and craftwork. For several years, I learned and practiced handiwork by reknitting sweaters, fine detail beadwork and more when I was not studying for my Biology degree or participating in longboarding events throughout the United States. The years spent illustrating, which started before grade school, combined with the hand sewing experience could be seen in my work and how quickly I was able to pick up the craft.

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The whole process is very transparent with each client and updates are provided during important milestones or upon request. This provides a more intimate relationship and outcome when both parties work together to bring an idea into reality. You provide the need, want, or idea and I will do what I can to breathe life into it.

Over time, some machines have been acquired to help streamline the crafting process. A few of these machines are powered with electricity, such as a bell skiver, sewing machine and hot stamping machine. These machines are hand operated and require their own learning curve to use properly. The sewing machine works well to quickly prototype functional pieces and provide a more economical option for clients. However, saddle stitching is still the preferred construction. As a single person behind this independent brand, hours are constantly being juggled between administrative work, social media, and actual leatherwork along with maintaining a healthy mental and physical life. Every day is a balancing act of priorities.

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Para hacer las cosas bien es necessario: primero el amor, segundo la tecnica. - Antonio Gaudí.

To do things well, it is necessary: first the passion, second the technique.

Bespoke Leather Goods

Have a custom project in mind and want guidance on how to bring it to life? Seeking a particular color, size, or design? Love a current design, but want it made in a different color? Reach out for a consultation.

Environmentally Responsible

Sustainability is very important to me and I do my best to stay informed on where my materials are sourced. All of my leathers used are by-products of the meat industry and come from tanneries who follow environmental guidelines in reducing their impact on the environment from their industrial practices. These materials are reused and repurposed to bring new life that would otherwise end in a landfill.

Secure Payment

All accepted payments are encrypted to protect you and your data, ensuring a worry-free transaction. Payments are accepted through Stripe and Paypal.

The Craftswomanship

All items from PossalaDesigns are made by hand and created with purpose and focus on details. While I do have some valuable machines that help my work, every piece is hand cut, glued, assembled, stitched, finished and packaged by hand. There is not a single step where the leather leaves my small workshop except when it is finished and on its way to you.

  • Sewing is done by saddle stitching, a traditional method of hand stitching with a single run of thread and two needles that creates an individual knot with each stitch.
  • Color-lasting thread are hand-waxed to ensure longevity.
  • Edges are aesthetically marked and then sealed with either a specialty paint or a burnish. Both methods end with a final buffing of wax.
  • All products are shipped with plastic-free packaging.
  • No toxic chemicals are used in production.

The Materials

Leathergoods are only as good as the materials used. Because I spend much of my time crafting each piece, I would want nothing but the best. I primarily work with vegetable tanned and some mineral-tanned leather from trusted tanneries in Spain, Italy, France and Japan. These leathers are picked for their quality, hand feel, durability, and appearance. These Tanneries are trusted and certified for their quality and innovation as companies to prioritize the environment in waste reduction, reuse of water, and recycling with a guarantee in compliance with sustainability. Trusted sources are part of the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata Al Vegetale and the Leather Working Group.

Many of these tanneries are multiple-generationally owned and have adapted their operations to modern day techniques and methods. On occasion, I obtain one-off specialty leathers such as exotics and overstock from large fashion houses and try to bring new life to these pieces. All skins are ethically sourced and are regulated under CITES.